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work ..... and more work - HeArT oF a SpOrTs CaR

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August 19th, 2004

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07:53 pm - work ..... and more work
looooong day today. i spent the night at lor's last night cuz we both had to work at hollister this morning 8-2. it was crazy. insane shoppers, long lines, really mean manager, short breaks. the only good thing about it was working with lor. everything else pretty much sucked.

then i came home and passed out on my bed for about 15 minutes. then my mom work me up cuz i had to eat. then i had to go to my other job!! usually i just dust. thats my job. but because the building is being leased and all the people are leaving, they closed the kitchen and we have to start cleaing it now. ewww it was sooo nasty. i was the only one. i spent like an hour scrubbing these pans and i got nothing done! this crap was caked on. i dont know what these people cooked but it was nasty and wouldnt come off. it wore through a freaking brilo pad! the whole place was just nasty.ya know how when you're at like a fast food place and u dont wanna look in the kitched cuz they're gross? it was worse than that. ew i cant even explain it.

anyways im really tired and sore now. and i just wanna sleep. i might go over lors later to watch big brother tho lol.
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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